cvp-material rework

In response to the stringent time/cost pressures when supplying parts to a manufacturer's assembly line, and the expense of returning and resupplying components, CVP has developed a specialised "rework" service for the automotive manufacturing industry: trained Quality-aware technicians can be quickly supplied by CVP, to carry out rework procedures according to specifications.

CVP has an extensive history of sub-assembly projects - from "one off" small prototype submissions to entire program life sub-assembly processes in dedicated premises.

CVP's staff of engineers and trade technicians have the industrial experience and contacts to quickly arrange appropriate workshop facilities and equipment, source materials, or design and commission custom tooling. The service can assist with developing a feasible rework operating procedure, achieving a tightly costed process and submitting documentation for a rework proposal, within a limited timeframe.


CVP is a full service supplier that provides technical support and knowledge based solutions to the automotive industry and manufacturing organizations for over 20 years.


Since 1993 CVP has created outstanding customer value by meeting and exceeding the client's expectations in every project and assignment.