cvp-supplier representation

CVP offers Supplier Representation services overseas throughout Oceania and Asia, as part of these services we have been offering advice and support to our customer for better understanding of our customers’ requirements.

The technical capabilities of CVP are supported by professional representation - liaison and follow through to achieve lasting resolution of quality issues.

CVP personnel have backgrounds in the local industry - and can be engaged to act when needed, on behalf of suppliers. Our local knowledge - industry contacts, documentation procedures, business culture and laws - is available for overseas suppliers, at the final assembly operation.

CVP can offer "representation" on an on-going basis: regular local site attendance to assess quality parameters, provide feedback and issue reports as required - thereby demonstrating supplier commitment to quality, with a tangible presence and pro-active response to any developing issues.

Or CVP's representative "on-call" can promptly act when the need arises, to gather data, analyse problems, develop solutions - and get the job done.


CVP is a full service supplier that provides technical support and knowledge based solutions to the automotive industry and manufacturing organizations for over 20 years.


Since 1993 CVP has created outstanding customer value by meeting and exceeding the client's expectations in every project and assignment.